Jessica, Joshua, and Gabriel Brining

Brining Family History

Raymond Brining, grandfather, was the first in his family to go to college at Oklahoma State University. After graduating, he became a banker.  Over his career, Raymond accomplished many things. Among his many accomplishments, be became chairmen of the board at First National Bank of Tonkawa in Oklahoma, and never lost a loan. He was also a regent at Northern Oklahoma College and an elder of his church. He left a legacy in that small community of integrity and service.


Joseph Brining, father, ran Brining Insurance for over 40 years.  He was a President of the Tonkawa Chamber of Commerce, as well as, one of the pioneers of the Tonkawa Wrestling Program and Take Down Club President. He was voted a distinguished alumni by his peers and Elder at of his church. Joe also left a legacy of integrity and service.


Anna Brining, sister, was principal of Rosemont Elementary School in Dallas for fifteen years. Anna developed the dual language program that was the envy of the state; starting in kinder to eighth grade, students learned spanish and english on each grade level. The seventh and eighth grade program received 7 out of 7 distinctions from the state of Texas.  She left a legacy of integrity and service in that community.


Joshua Brining now a teacher, coach, father, friend, church leader, and business owner looks to make his legacy of integrity and service through Brining Clean Window Cleaning service.


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